Da Camera: “Exiles in Paris, Part I”


Two concerts celebrating the City of Lights

Sponsorship by TFAA and its presenting partner TOTAL E&P, USA


Februrary 29, 2008, 8 pm

Zilkha Hall, Hobby Center for the Performing Arts


The works performed:

Pascal Dusapin  Two Walking for two female voices (texts by Gertrude Stein)

Gertrude Stein  If I Told Him: A Portrait of Picasso

Paul Bowles  Selected Songs

Virgil Thomson  Selected Songs and Portraits

James Joyce  Anna Livia Plurabelle from Finnegan’s Wake

Stephen Albert  To Wake the Dead


The singers and musicians were Lucy Shelton, soprano; Karol Bennett, soprano; Thomas Meglioranza, baritone; Laura Flax, clarinet/bass clarinet; Leone Buyse, flute/alto flute/piccolo; Aloysia Friedmann, violin/viola; Norman Fischer, cello; Timothy Hester, piano/harmonium; Sarah Rothenberg, piano.


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