Chairman’s Note:

Texas, France and the Arts. If these are three of your favorite subjects, like they are mine, then you need to learn more about the Texan-French Alliance for the Arts (“TFAA”).

For over 150 years, Texans and French have engaged in an immeasurable number of cultural, social, educational and artistic exchanges resulting in the enrichment of lives of those touched by these activities.

TFAA was formed to help keep these exchanges alive. In ten years, TFAA has helped facilitate over 140 different Texan – French events and programs related to a range of activities including jazz education for underprivileged students, art programs to help with the healing of young Texas Children’s cancer patients, contemporary dance performances, French baroque opera, and numerous art exhibits by both Texas and French artists.

TFAA believes that through the continued support of these Texan and French exchanges that participants from both cultures will continue to expand in their knowledge and appreciation of each other while also enjoying the entertaining benefit of some of these events as well.

Michael E. Henry
Chairman of TFAA Board of Directors



President’s Note:

Since 1983, I have been involved in the non-profit world in Houston helping to create camps and other recreational opportunities for children with disabilities and chronic and life threatening conditions.  Yet, even as these projects grew, I was aware that more could be done.  While thousands of children with special needs have benefited from their time at camp, I knew that many of them returned to homes and neighborhoods which lacked the resources to continue providing them with the encouragement and hope that their world could grow, that they could reach beyond the boundaries of poverty and physical limitation.

So, when Karine Parker described to me the work that of the Texan-French Alliance for the Arts’ was accomplishing through their “From a Space to a Place” program, I could see that this unique project was an answer to this need.

“From a Space to a Place” enters directly into under-served neighborhoods in Houston, organizes, mentors, encourages and empowers children to create an important and long lasting addition to their community. The children come to understand that they can make a real, significant difference in their world and I have seen them grow with pride in their shared accomplishment and with the realization that they can be a force for positive change in this world.

After learning more about the impact of the Texan-French Alliance for the Arts’ many programs, and their unique approach of using art as a tool to bridge cultures and communities and educate the youth in under-served neighborhoods, I decided to join TFAA’s Board in 2015.

I know that unique programs like “From a Space to a Place” work; I’ve seen it happen. I am convinced that with the support of generous foundations, corporations and individual Houstonians, TFAA’s programs will grow and continue to make an enormous contribution to the lives of children and communities in our city.

Dr. Paul Gerson
President of TFAA Board of Directors

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