Jean-Baptiste André’s “comme en plein jour”

November 16-17, 2007, at DiverseWorks

Post-performance reception hosted by TFAA and its presenting partners Global Quality Imports, Inc. and Andre’s Pastry Shop and Café

Jean-Baptiste André continues to research the body, the topic of identity, and the notion of metamorphosis in his new work, comme en plein jour (as in full day). Jean-Baptiste is fascinated by the metamorphosis figure and how the body, in a wide and clear space, can create shapes and form. This diptych to 2004’s Interieur Nuit is powered by an electronic score, where circus, dance, and video art meet in a world of uncertain identity, shifting color, startling landscapes, and skewed perspective.

Jean-Baptiste has recently been working as the artist-in-residence at the Yamaguchi Center for the Arts and Media in Japan. He has been working with musician Aoki Takamasa and videographer Noriko Matsumoto to investigate the connections between dance, camera, music, and technology. André has also been working with noted multi-media installation artist Robin Rhode on a work on video titled “The Storyteller.”




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