Executive Director’s Note

Karine Parker-Lemoyne

Karine Parker-Lemoyne 6-05-2012

In the programs I develop and run for the Texan-French Alliance for the Arts, I always notice that creativity and art give people an opportunity:

  • to share ideas, emotions, and moments of life,
  • to come together and to inspire each other,
  • to dare to use their talents in new formats and new locales,
  • to innovate and even to heal sometimes.

It gives people a sense of the richness of life and shows them the power of imagination and creativity to transform spaces and lives.

It takes their consciousness outside of their house, outside of the places they live in to see the world beyond walls.

It helps them to cope with and reflect on their own personal life challenges and encourages them to find creative solutions to their lives’ daily challenges.

It creates opportunities of development.

Exploring their creativity and ability to innovate can also open avenues to greater tolerance, understanding and empowerment.  When we involve children in public art projects for instance, it enables them to comprehend what it means to be part of a community beyond the walls of their room. It even shows them that their art and creativity can affect the world in a positive way.

Creativity and art are wonderful tools to break down boundaries and build human and social connections for participants of all ages. In doing so, we enable the appreciation of the beauty of life as well as the possibility to express and communicate it.

This is why they are at the core of the educational and community programs that we create (Open the Door, Be the Peace Be the Hope,) in partnership with our educational, cultural and community partners. We also make them interact with other disciplines: Science, Technology, Environment/Ecology, Engineering, Mindfulness in order to create innovative solutions to respond to our society’s challenges and to support the future of our children. Please feel free to check these programs on the TFAA programs page.

With these programs and the bridge between France and Texas, we invite you on a journey. If you don’t know us, I hope you will join us. If you do know us, I hope you will continue to support us.

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