Support Notre-Dame de Paris

Monday 15 April at night, the Cathedral Notre-Dame of Paris was victim of a violent fire. If the structure of the cathedral, the facade and the two towers have been preserved, the roof of the nave, the choir and the transept, as well as the arrow, have been swept by the flames.
How to give to rebuild Notre-Dame De Paris?
As a result of the fire having ravaged part of the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris, the actions have multiplied to raise donations for its reconstruction. Actors are committed to the French State to allow everyone to contribute to the renaissance of this jewel.
Where and how to give to rebuild the cathedral?
As Emmanuel Macron, the president of the republic has committed to it, the cathedral will be rebuilt in full. But this reconstruction has a cost. This is why we need the generosity of all and all.
To inform you and donate:

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“Notre Dame has a special place in the heart of not only the French but every person that has had the chance to be awed in the presence of this symbol of French heritage and spiritual values.

The Texan-French Alliance for the Arts invites you to share with our community any personal noteworthy or inspirational memories, thoughts and, or experiences related to this magnificent monument.

While the building was severally damaged it will be rebuilt due to the spirit and generosity of mankind, so that the Cathedral will share its glory again with the world.”

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