SSQ: International Exchange – France

 SSQ: International Exchange – France

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SSQ website pic1The Texan-French Alliance for the Arts is proud to be a partner with Reginald Adam’s and the Boniuk Institute for religious Tolerance at Rice University on the SSQ – IE project, which is partially funded by our very generous sponsor, Schlumberger. This was a thrilling opportunity for students in Houston to gain first hand knowledge, understanding and experience through an International exchange that resulted in a lasting piece of public art in Lyons, France.

What is SSQ: International Exchange?

The Sacred Sites Quest: International Exchange (SSQ.IE) is designed to provide urban youth from Houston, Texas with an opportunity to collaborate with students and community residents on foreign soil on a community-based public art project in the form of a labyrinth.  The brainchild of public artist Reginald C. Adams,  the seeds for the international exchange were planted when Adams traveled to France in 2012 to execute a public art project with a children’s hospital in Lyon, France. Witnessing first-hand the richness that the unique, distinct culture of the country could potentially contribute to the Houston community, the idea for the international exchange was born.  More than just an outreach program, this collaborative is a multi-disciplinary approach to cultural and social awareness that builds bridges between international communities to address issues of education, environment, urban revitalization, creative place-making and cultural tolerance.  The group traveled to Paris and Lyon, France from June 7th-17th.  During the trip the group traveled to various labyrinth’s in Amiens, Chartes, and Ganaville.  We visited the Schlumberger office in Clamart, France where the students were given a tour of the various product centers.  The students gained a valuable insight into Schlumberger as a whole and the different STEM careers that Schlumberger offers.  Participants included 12 students from various Houston High Schools, 3 Schlumberger employees’ children and 13 adults.  This project has also been featured in a local French Magazine and on Houston’s Fox 26 Morning news.

Fox 26 news

Fox 26 News

Pictured left to right: Reginald Adams, Adam Kermally, Harold Owens and Isabel Manahl

For more information on this project and to donate click on the link below:





From left to right pictured in the photo: Marlayna Livingston, Isabel Manahl, Richard Stowe, Anusheh Siddique Dada. 




Group Pic(Build Final)

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