TFAA has opened volunteer opportunities! Here is a glance of what is possible to do at TFAA. Our organization has a lot  to offer to its volunteers!

Volunteer Activities

Communication/ Marketing:

  • Website Management & write web content
  • Community management (Facebook & Twitter)
  • Graphic Design
  • Newsletters


Reporting/Video Production:

  • Organize interviews with different audiences
  • Create & produce videos based on these interviews/ records to promote


Artistic Endeavors:

  • Artistic maintenance
  • Photograph events
  • Artistic workshops and exchanges with our partners


Event organization, coordination & logistics:

  • Organize & coordinate events
  • Organize & coordinate meetings with the different partners


Press Relations:

  • Write press releases
  • Manage and update Press Kit online
  • Organize data in databases



  • Documentary
  • Video
  • Articles


If you have any questions or ready to volunteer, feel free to contact us through the contact link, or at info@texanfrenchalliance.org. We appreciate your help!

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