Baccarat Night

The evening was filled with champagne and truffles as Baccarat hosted the Texan French Alliance for the Arts in launching its newest limited edition collection called the “Crystal Candy Set,” designed by Spanish artist Jaime Hayon.
In from New York was Baccarat VP of Marketing, Brent McDaneld, describing the inspiration behind and the creation of this exclusive collection, which made its third stop in the US in Houston last night. Among the crowd was:

Lynn Wyatt
Steve & Betty Newton
Donatella & Fred Benckenstein
French Cultural Attache Dominique Chastres
Rania Daniel
Cindi & Franklin Rose
Reda Martin
Mehrnaz & Ned Gill
Jaleh & Bruce Sallee
Sima Ladjevardian
Mahnaz Kooros
Mickey (TFAA Board President) & Francoise Henry
Susan & Dennis Carlyle
Lorraine & Jonathan Talbot
Haleh Holmes
Gabriela & Danny Dror
Sabiha Rehmatulla
Bruce Padilla, Regional Manager, Baccarat North America

Pictures of the Baccarat Night

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