Jazz Exchange

Jazz Exchange with UHD

and the Conservatoire de Paris

A jazz exchange between Houstonian and Parisian artist. Emil Spanyi, will take place November 14 at the University of Houston Downtown, as part of Citizenship Month, a time when cultural, artistic, and community engagement activities are encouraged across Houston to celebrate the diversity of the city. For more information, please visit citizenshipmonth.org.


Once Upon a Door


 Once Upon a Door was conceived after the success of and interactions of children in the Houston community with Open the Door. Once Upon a Door will consist of a festival and educational workshops that will create a sensory environment where children and adults can explore their creativity and power to innovate by using art to transform the world around them on December 13-14. The program will encourage attendees to use art as a sensory language to express themselves, an approach that will provide a constructive outlet to process and express emotions, and will encourage creative solutions to challenges.

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