The Last Organic Outpost – An Exciting Excursion

The Last Organic Outpost – An Exciting Excursion


farm artOn Monday, October 19th, we were invited on an adventure to the Last Organic Outpost with the teachers, parents, and students of Little Wonders Learning Center. The intermingled sounds of flowing water, chirping birds, and laughing children composed a harmonious melody as we listened to Farmer Joe’s wise words. Farmer Joe (2)Both a community garden and a peaceful sanctuary where people can connect with each other and with the land, the Last Organic Outpost is a prime example of transforming a “space” into a “place.”

The first stop on our tour was the worm farm, an essential part of making “compost tea” for the soil. The children eagerly held out their hands to hold the wriggling earthworms, releasing excited squeals at the tickling sensation. Next, we learned about aquaponics, a system in which an aquatic species, such as tilapia, is introduced to the plants being grown above them in a symbiotic relationship. We then strolled through the beds of rich soil, planted with an assortment of leafy greens. The children from Little Wonders had been studying soil in school and, at a young age, already knew about the billions of organisms living in a single handful.gazebo (2)

At the back of the outpost was the soil yard, where piles of “fragrant earth” towered over the children like mountains. We watched as a “Soil-Meister” mixed woodchips with a heaping pile of vegetable waste, starting a fresh compost pile. Making our way back towards the gardens, we passed the apiary, where they housed honey bees, and the chicken coop, where the children got to hold the feathery hens.

All in all, the outpost was an exciting, educational place that we cannot wait to revisit. In fact, we are planning to collaborate with this creative community in the near future. Through our “From a Space to a Place” programs, we have demonstrated that art, science, ecology, and education, when they are not operating in silos, allow for creative dialogue that teaches children a holistic and meaningful approach to life. The Last Organic Outpost is, in itself, a tangible expression of this mentality, making our new friends into our next partners.

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