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FotoFest session


Our “From a Space to a Place” follow-up program at Agape Development is making an impact. We invited teaching artist Angie Dornier from FotoFest Literacy Through Photography to teach our students how to make deeper connections to their community through portraiture. Being behind the camera is an empowering place for these teens, as they have the power to create the “perfect” shot; they choose the lighting, the background, the location, position, and their subject’s expression in order to convey a specific message about each community leader.


In addition to this session, the students have mind mapped and developed the questions to ask the community members that they will interview and photograph. Through this process, the students are making connections and creating a safe environment for themselves and their community to share stories and experiences with one another.


Thank you Agape Development and Southeast Houston Transformation Alliance for partnering with us on this meaningful project!

This program is supported by the Texan-French Alliance for the Arts, Agape Development, SEHTA, and City Connections, which is funded in part by the City of Houston, CASE for Kids, and Harris County Department of Education.

FotoFest session

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