“Hug the Hood” Block Party

“Hug the Hood” Block Party – “From a Space to a Place”


Congratulations Promiss, Ideyia, Mykedra, Max, Ryan, MJ, Ta’Cobie, Dashawn. DaJuan, Jonathan, Kobie, Eric and CJ for unveiling your vibrant poetic mural this past Saturday! You are strong and generous spirits. Our TFAA-AGAPE-SEHTA “From A Space To A Place” team believes that your voice is important, and that you can make this world a better place. We believe that you can do anything if you’re willing to work hard enough for it.

The TFAA team and the FASTAP guest educators & artists (Marjon Fatemizadeh Aucoin, Dandee Warhol from Little Wonders, Noel Bezette-Flores, Layla DaCosta, Naiyolis Palomo, Patricia Pilenko, Sacha Lazarre and Chloe, Erik Calderon, Johnny Hanson, Sebastien Mrd Boileau, Thomas Granovsky) feel blessed to have been able to work with you and support your poetic vision for your neighborhood. We look forward to continuing in the future!

It was also a privilege to partner with Anne Vickers, Breanna Cotton, Gwendolyn Fedrik, Verda Gaines, Priscilla Kennedy, Carroll Parrott Blue, and Ellis Johnson from Agape Development and Southeast Houston Transformation Alliance who work tirelessly every day to invite positive change in the students’ lives.

Many thanks to all of you who allowed the Youth Council students to bring their positive vision to life and to all of you who support and encourage us every day: our amazing volunteers, sponsors, family members, facebook friends…

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