Houston and Toulouse Dance Companies Exchange

The French Exchange Project is the collaborative effort of Toulouse and Houston-based dance organizations to create unique new dance works, share insight into the creative process, and offer public performances to the people of Houston free of charge. The two works to be performed are Je Suis/I am and Point de vue sur coin de rue/Point of view on the street corner. Je Suis is being created collaboratively over the course of a year-long cultural exchange between the two partner organizations and is a dance that explores the stories of who we are and where we live, intertwining both CORE’s and Manifeste’s visions of our own, and each other’s cities and countries. This dance is performed by the 5 CORE dancers. Point de vue is a dance created by Manifeste that layers (literally, via video projection), street corners from Toulouse over a street corner in Houston. A trio of dancers highlights the obvious differences between people of different cultures, but the work speaks mostly to the meeting points that bind us and connect us. The project also includes multiple opportunities for direct interaction with the artists, through master classes, open rehearsals and an open showing.


Date: October 20-25, 2014

Locations: To be confirmed soon

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