2017 Macaron Festival and Competition





2017 Macaron Festival Flyer - 1

Dear Friends,

 We are delighted to invite you to attend another fantastic Macaron Festival and competition to be held on Sunday, April 23rd., 2017, from 4 to 7 pm, at the Houston Design Center.

Click here to reserve your tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/macaron-festival-and-competition-tickets-32827668440

TFAA’s first Macaron celebration and competition that included Houston’s finest pastry chefs was a huge success.  This year we expect to have even more support with the participation of many new professionals competing this year for the best macaron. 

We are very excited about this year’s edition and look forward to a fun filled afternoon of delicious French culinary delights, art performances, and “joie de vivre” under the Gazebo and flourishing spring background of our new venue. 

VIP guests will enjoy Champagne, relax in the exclusive VIP area and indulge in exquisite chef prepared hors oeuvres.  They will also be given an “avant premiere” look at the carefully curated art for sale and other surprise amenities. The afternoon will be filled with music, dancing and entertainment for all! 

The proceeds from the event will benefit TFAA’s unique programs,

From a Space to a Place, Open the Door and Be The Peace Be the Hope. (please see links below) 

Through the Macarons Festival — your help will allow TFAA to continue its incredible programs! 

Vive les Macarons! 

 TFAA Programs:

From a Space to a Place

Open the Door 

Open the Door : Texas Children’s Hospital

Open the Door : San Antonio Veterans 

Be the Peace Be the Hope 

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