Tremendous turnout at OBA Think tank, Tuesday December 3rd

What a tremendous turnout we had at our OBA Think tank on Tuesday December 3rd at the Rothko Chapel!

We had over 80 participants from all walks of Houston’s diverse communities including visual artists, curators, musicians, poets, rappers, community members, scholars, students and professors, gathered together to discuss with Monte Laster, the founder of the OBA project, and theTFAA team, how to leverage local creative assets.

HGOco’s director shared this with us:

“I wanted to commend you for the wonderful program last night.  I could not stay for the last ½ hour, but enjoyed myself immensely for the incredible discussion.  Houston has incredible “power” through the arts.  We can be a world leader in how we create programs through collaboration to allow Houston communities to “raise their voice”.

An award-winning film maker, author and interactive multimedia producer added:

“I am so honored to have been a part of last night’s exciting Think Tank and I am thrilled with the possibilities! I am keen to work with your program.”

An esteemed cultural leader in our community echoed these enthusiastic sentiments by saying:

” It was very inspiring to see so many familiar faces as well as hearing about all the great work taking place in communities across Houston and France.”

And these are just a few of the comments we received supporting the potential of this truly original, collaborative and boundary-breaking project.

Stay tuned for more…This is just the beginning.


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