Dominic Walsh: A show in New-York inspired by Camille Claudel’s life


Date: Thursday, August 8 & Saturday, August 10 at 8pm.

Location: Joyce Theater in New-York

Tickets: between $10 & $39 and can be purchased by calling 212-248-0800 or on


Next August 8th, Dominic Walsh’s dance company from Houston, TX is coming back to New-York with a new show inspired by the tragic life of Camille Claudel, a French sculptor.

Camille Claudel, muse and wife of the French sculptor Auguste Rodin, she today inspires Dominic Walsh. Dominic Walsh, main dancer and director of the Dominic Walsh Theater in Houston, TX, is fascinated by the artist’s movements and how she passes on anxiety. He has been dreaming about creating an abstract dance show based on both Rodin and Claudel’s lives. This is how the show was born, honoring the French artist’s life. Camille Claudel will be played by Danielle Brown.


For more info about Dominic Walsh Dance Theater, please visit their website





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