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2017-09-11 (3)

Texan-French Alliance for the Arts

Harvey Flood – “ Children’s

Healing Arts Workshops 

Hurricane Harvey

We have families in our community, both Texans and French, who have suffered losses as a result of Hurricane Harvey.

In an effort to focus on “community outreach,” the Texan-French Alliance for the Arts will organize and manage some Harvey Flood Children’s Healing Arts Workshops over the next several months.

These workshops will be administered through the TFAA “From a Space to a Place” and “Be the Peace – Be the Hope” Alliance programs and will be used to help fund one or more healing arts workshops focused on the Houston children that experienced or were traumatized by the recent devastating Harvey Hurricane.

These workshops will involve a coalition of supporters and will focus on:

  • Inspiring affected youth to cope with and rise above the trauma of the flooding events
  • building human and social connections

Harvey Flood Children’s Healing Arts Workshops

The specific location will be determined at a later date and all donors will be notified once the project specifics are determined.

TFAA Board of Directors Monetary Support

TFAA individual Board of Directors have recently contributed $500 towards these upcoming Harvey Flood Children’s Healing Arts Workshops.

Donations and Volunteers Sought

Please consider making a contribution and/or volunteering to participate in these workshops.

To learn more visit our websites at www.texanfrenchalliance.org, www.BepeaceBeHope.org and www.FromaSpacetoaPlace.org

Our Mission

The Texan-French Alliance for the Arts (TFAA) is a non-profit Texas corporation that was established to promote creative programs in Texas and France using art, education, and community outreach, along with other disciplines, as a catalyst to create positive change.

Join us to continue healing our Houston Youth!

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