Our Volunteers

Texan-French Alliance for the Arts has always received tons of help, love and energy from its interns and volunteers. Because we think they should be recognized for their hard work and the time they have all allocated into TFAA, we would like to thank them by creating this page in their honor.


Here are some of the faces that are making it possible:

Volunteer Coordinator: Lina Corinth


Marie-Gabrielle Aletru, Mary Elizabeth Allred, Glenn Bailey Jr., Malika Barriquault, Alex Barber, Devin Borden, Maud Bech, Lauriane Blandel, Susan Blair, Sebastien Boileau, Ludmila Bounin, Ewa Ciesielski, Marie-Héléne Chatelain, Arthur Chauliac, Kara Brooke, Vaughan Clark, Lina Corinth, Annick Dekiouk, Caroline Docwra, Estelle Domergue, Megan Dorman, Helene Dugas et Melissa, Cedric Gallas, Stephanie Gallas Puig, Ramdane Hamadi, Joel Hernandez, Dominique Huyen Nguyen,

Yuru Huang, Jean and Jim Hunter, Tanya Huybregts, Marlies Kempers, Rainey Knudson, Karleen Koen, Diana Krueger, Arthur Lapierre, Veronique Lhemann, Heloise Luxardo, Hadia Mawlawi, Pauline de Moucheron, Ima Oduok, Patricia O’Bien, Janaina Pereira, Jessica Potts, Helga Quint, Stuart Rasley, Natalia Reagan, Marie-Laure Reed, Marie-Pascale Rollet-Ware, Jay Stailey, Claudia Schmuckli, Alix Stafford, Ronda Suder, Anna Tahinci, Audrey Vallin, Marianne Van Arkel, The young musicians of Virtuosi of Houston, Sixto Wagan, Sherron Wallace Southworth, Sandy Wells, Michelle White, Christy Wood, Ilham Yahia, Gwendolyn Zepeda, Walid Zouari, Alberto Lopez, Catherine Bedel, Emmanuelle Denaclara, Liza Carlos, Kristel Sans, Margaret Ayot, Alma Soto, Marie-Helene Chatelain, Michelle Pechlof, Michelle Zu, Mir, Roxana Gacia, Shabeena Bakhsh, Marie de Dereux.


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