Virtuosi of Houston & Conservatoire de Paris


Project Open The Door

The Biggest Mural in Houston: Preservons la Creation

Texan-French Alliance for the Arts in the community

What do Texas and France have in common?

For one thing, they are about the same size, geographically (well, always a little bigger for Texas). Aside from that, they both have thriving artistic cultures and a wealth of ...

Upcoming Events

ONCE UPON A DOOR powered by TFAA and Little Wonders
• February 28 – March 1st
• Join us as we take you on a sensory and creative exploration… Explore and feel like a kid again!

Thank you to Education Française Greater Houston and ET Voila Théâtre and to all our partners!

Virtuosi of Houston – Conservatoire de Paris musical exchange
• Young Texan musicians perform in Paris / March 14 - 22
• Two countries – Two orchestras merging together for a glorious concert

More info can be found on the TFAA events’ page

Feature of the Month

Please visit the biggest mural in Houston's history, Preservons la Creation, of which TFAA was a community partner. At the corner of Tuam and Fannin!