The Biggest Mural in Houston: Preservons la Creation

Project OBA

Project Open The Door

Bernard Vernet's sculpture in Hermann Park

Texan-French Alliance for the Arts in the community

What do Texas and France have in common?

For one thing, they are about the same size, geographically (well, always a little bigger for Texas). Aside from that, they both have thriving artistic cultures and a wealth of ...

Upcoming Events

"Building Community & Celebrating Corporate Engagement" TFAA Luncheon
• TFAA is proud to announce its first annual luncheon honoring GDF SUEZ, TOTAL, AIR FRANCE, SCHLUMBERGER, TECHNIP and our corporate partners on November 13 at the Hilton Post Oak Hotel.

•The luncheon will recognize the community engagement efforts of our sponsors and partners, with an interactive program tackling important issues such as urban revitalization and place-making.

If you are interested in the luncheon, please contact us at

Feature of the Month

Please visit the biggest mural in Houston's history, Preservons la Creation, of which TFAA was a community partner. At the corner of Tuam and Fannin!